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Muslim chaplains remain permanently in federal asylum centers

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Muslim chaplains remain permanently in federal asylum centers

Muslim pastoral care remains permanently active in the federal asylum centres. After a one-year pilot project, the federal government decided to continue the offer as usual. The presence of the pastors is appreciated by both the migrants and the staff.

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Three women are sitting on a bench in the Federal Asylum Center in Zurich. (archive image)

A total of six Muslim pastors, including one woman, work in the four asylum regions of Zurich, Western Switzerland, Eastern Switzerland, Ticino and Central Switzerland, as the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) announced on Tuesday. In addition, Christian pastors also work in the centers.

The costs for Muslim pastoral care amount to around 450,000 francs per year. The money in the pilot phase came from the operating loan of the federal asylum centers. In order to ensure long-term financing, the SEM wants to specify the legal basis in the Asylum Act. A corresponding provision was therefore included in the proposal for the revision of the Asylum Act. This has been in consultation since January 25th.

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