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New bullying attack against Silvan Mumenthaler

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Bullying against Romanshorner does not stop

“I won’t be intimidated!”

Again there is trouble for Silvan Mumenthaler. A stranger sprayed the word “whore” on his house in Romanshorn. Four years ago he was bullied for months. He is afraid that the incidents will increase again.

Published: 12 minutes ago


Silvan Mumenthaler discovered graffiti on his windows.


Sandro Zulianreporter news

The word “whore” was emblazoned on his awning. Next door, in the same font color, it says “LG” almost casually – best regards. “I was horrified,” says Silvan Mumenthaler (54) to Blick. He discovered the graffiti in mid-January when he was about to go outside with his dog.

The IV pensioner immediately turned on the police, who sent a patrol over, confirmed media spokeswoman Claudia Brunner when asked by Blick. But the officials quickly withdrew. “The officer just said that you could wash it off and that’s why a report wasn’t necessary,” says Mumenthaler.

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