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Now there is criticism of the star psychologist

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Rebecca WyssEditor society / magazine

He thinks too much. Broke, if you will. Unhealthy. He knows that, but once it starts to rattle, rattle it through. A compulsion. Marco, that’s his name, slides back and forth on the seat, tugs at the wooden beads that nestle around his wrist. Marco is waiting. Waiting for the woman everyone in this cramped room in a Bern seminar hotel is longing for: Stefanie Stahl. The most famous psychologist in Germany. But first he wants to get rid of something: “You women are far ahead of us. Have finer antennas.” Men have to fight hard to get access to their feelings. Clearly: unfair.

Solving problems, getting out of old patterns, inner peace – that’s what the seminar participants are looking for.

Marco fights. One of very few men this Saturday. But he has a lot in common with the women here: he wants to break out of old patterns. get rid of problems. Just like the woman with the short hair who has been through a divorce and no longer wants to live with the handbrake on. Or the one with the soft voice that always gets mixed up with the wrong person. And the one with the silk foulard, who wants to get out of the nice-girl role and has a hard time saying no. Her hopes rest on this day with Stefanie Stahl. They pay 220 francs for this. Marco says: “If I get one step further today, I’ll be happy.” The inscriptions on the shirts of the women who collect the banknotes at the entrance already suggest: “Everything is possible”. They belong to the esoteric association that organizes the event.

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