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«On the mountain, the slopes are really good for skiing»

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Wengen-Pflotsch in the valley is going viral – look at it

«On the mountain, the slopes are really good for skiing»

A video of a Pflotsch slope in Wengen BE went viral on TikTok. When Blick took a look on site on Wednesday, the section was closed. But the skiers don’t let the mud spoil their mood: they enjoy the rest of the snow.


Skiers enjoy their holidays in Wengen BE, such as Irène Mischler (56) from Hüttwilen TG.


Luisa ItaReporter News

A layer of jelly snow leads almost to the village of Wengen BE: but shortly before the end of the valley run at 1256 meters, the white surface is only wafer-thin, and the piste finally ends on a paved road.

“Until a few days ago, this section was not closed,” says local Martin Niederhäuser (69) in an interview with Blick. The village original can only shake his head at some skiers: “The skiers, who probably just rented their skis, simply skied over the asphalt here and then marched up the mud.”

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