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Person after the use of blank guns in the hospital

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Violent argument in Bümpliz

Person after the use of blank guns in the hospital

A stun gun was fired in the Bümpliz district of Bern on Wednesday afternoon. One person is in the hospital.

In a garage on Mädergutstrasse in Bümpliz, a physical altercation broke out on Wednesday afternoon.

Great excitement in Bümpliz. Shots were fired at 3:50 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, according to the cantonal police on Blick. The alarm gun was fired in a parking garage on Mädergutstrasse. On site, the police officers found the corresponding sleeves with a cardboard or plastic lid.

According to initial investigations, a physical altercation should have taken place. One person was injured. The shots are not responsible for this, as the kapo emphasized. The person is in the hospital. Several people were taken to the station for further investigation. The Kapo did not provide any further information about the nature of the injuries. (dept/nge)

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