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Pollen season has already started

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Attention allergy sufferers!

Pollen season has already started

The mild weather at the turn of the year has an impact on allergy sufferers. Hazel pollen fly through the air unusually early. The Swiss Allergy Center advises those affected to take medication in good time.

Hazel pollen is making life difficult for allergy sufferers unusually early this year. (archive image)

The allergy center announced on Tuesday that corresponding reports were already being received. What is considered a cold can currently also be hay fever.

The first hazel pollen was registered on December 28, Regula Gehrig, biometeorologist at Meteoschweiz, the Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology, was quoted as saying in the communiqué. At the turn of the year, this had only happened very rarely north of the Alps. “By January 2nd at the latest, most MeteoSwiss measuring stations in the lowlands were already recording moderate pollution values”.

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