Friday, March 24, 2023

Prosecutor Limmattal put innocent people in jail

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Negative price «Error command 2023»

Prosecutor Limmattal put innocent people in jail

The “Observer” created the negative price “Error order” to point out abuses in the penal order procedure. The Limmattal/Albis public prosecutor’s office was chosen.


The Zurich public prosecutor’s office in Limmattal/Albis receives the “Error 2023 order”.

An Algerian spent weeks in a Basel prison. He didn’t seem to know why. Because he should never have received a penalty order. According to the “Observer” not an isolated case. Again and again, the authorities make mistakes. In another case, the wrong person is said to have been accused, and in a third case, a person was even confused.

Such actions primarily affect socially disadvantaged people and foreigners who are not familiar with the Swiss legal system or who do not speak the language. These people would find it harder to defend themselves against misjudgments and would be unjustly criminalized or even deprived of their freedom, reports the Observer.

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