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Raser delivers himself to the knife with videos

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Aargau court thanks him

Raser delivers himself to the knife with videos

A BMW driver filmed himself in a 50 zone at over 100 km/h. The district court of Aarau was grateful to him.


This is where the case was heard: the district court of Aarau.

A 22-year-old man was convicted by the Aarau district court, among other things, because he was driving his BMW at 101.08 and 100.57 km/h instead of the permitted 50 km/h after a tolerance deduction. At the time of the crime, the apprentice was almost 20 years old. The sports car was registered in the name of his mother, who does not drive a car herself.

Anyone who is more than 50 km/h too fast in a 50 zone is considered a speeder by law. Cell phone videos, which the man had taken himself while driving in the Aarau area, served as the main evidence. As the “Aargauer Zeitung” reports, the court took an extra half hour to watch the videos thoroughly – also slowed down.

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