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Rega does not give up the air battle for Valais

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Rega does not give up the air battle for Valais

The dispute over the Valais mountain rescue service is entering the next round. Rega does not accept the Valais government’s decision and files a complaint. Rega continues to fight for a place alongside the Air Zermatt and Air-Glacier helicopters.


Air Zermatt and Air-Glaciers continue to take care of air rescue in the canton of Valais.

Air rescue in Valais remains the responsibility of Air Zermatt and Air-Glaciers. The cantonal Valais rescue organization (KWRO) decided in November. Rega has now lodged an appeal against this decision.

Rega explains this step as follows: “Firstly, because the award procedure was designed from the start in such a way that the two Valais providers, Air Zermatt and Air-Glaciers, would be awarded the contract. And on the other hand, because Rega wants to strengthen the sometimes inadequate emergency medical care in the canton of Valais.

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