Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Schaffhausen children are already back at school

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Christmas break over

Schaffhausen children are already back at school

The Swiss school children are still enjoying their Christmas holidays – except for those in Schaffhausen. Here they have already packed their school things after a week and are back in class.

While the Christmas holidays are still almost everywhere in Switzerland, classes have already started again for the Schaffhausen schoolchildren. (icon picture)

However, that’s not quite as bad as it seems at first glance: the Schaffhausen schoolchildren don’t miss out, because they benefit from a third week of vacation in the fall.

The reason for this lies in the tradition of viticulture, primarily in Klettgau, as the cantonal education department wrote on Wednesday at the request of the Keystone-SDA news agency. Depending on the degree of ripeness of the grapes, the municipalities used to be able to place a third holiday week before or after the two official autumn holiday weeks.

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