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“She has nothing left to lose”

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Ex-criminal commissioner Markus Melzl (70) on the verdict on Viviane O. (36)

“She has nothing left to lose”

Viviane O. (36) is said to have beaten her husband to death with 19 blows to the head alone: ​​On Friday, the court of first instance found the boxer guilty of murder. Ex-crime inspector Markus Melzl (70) classifies the verdict.


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She repeatedly protested her innocence: Viviane O.* (36) was found guilty of murder by the regional court in Thun BE on Friday. She is said to have beaten her husband – the popular cult host of the Restaurant Des Alpes – to death in cold blood with a baseball bat on the night of October 19, 2020 at his home in Interlaken BE.

The internationally renowned boxing great has been behind bars for 16 years, and she has also been expelled from the country for twelve years. She should shell out all the costs herself and also pay the victim’s sister a satisfaction of 6,000 francs.

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