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She stabbed him in the stomach – he still loves her

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Trial on the bloody Pärli dispute after the Chilbi in Näfels GL

She rammed a 18 cm knife in his stomach – he still loves her

After a Chilbi visit to Näfels GL, a couple’s argument ended bloody in 2017. A woman stabs her partner in the stomach with a knife. Despite everything: The perpetrator is still the woman of his life, he says in court.

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The Glarus High Court this week dealt with a case in which a woman was charged with seriously injuring her partner with a knife.

The knife she rammed into her partner’s stomach was 18 centimeters long. This is reported by “Southeastern Switzerland”. The violent argument, which ended in blood, took place in September 2017 at the Chilbi Näfels GL. This week, the 36-year-old Pole had to answer for the crime before the Glarner High Court.

At the end of September 2021, the cantonal court had already convicted the woman of attempted murder. However, the woman appealed against this, which is why the Supreme Court now had to rule on the case. While the public prosecutor’s office speaks of attempted murder, the perpetrator and the victim insist that it was an accident. Despite the attack, the man still loves her like the first day, the newspaper reports. “For me, she is the woman of my life, she has always helped me,” said the man in court. “Many concatenations” would have led to this accident that day.

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