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“She was able to make a career – despite the Basel dialect”

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Michèle Blöchliger, Nidwaldner government councilor, wants to represent the SVP in the Federal Council.

Monday at half past ten in the Engel restaurant in Stans NW. At the regulars’ table, in front of an Eichhof Herrgöttli, are three from an otherwise large group: Fridel, Walti and René. Retired men, camera shy but open to discussions. Within five minutes they find a solution to deals that the government spends hours chewing through. They do not agree on one woman: Michèle Blöchliger (55), Nidwaldner SVP candidate for the Federal Council, former head of health for the canton.

Fridel: «I think it’s good that she’s running. She’s a pleasant froi.”
Walti: “Okay, but it’s probably not enough for Bern.”
Fridel: «If you ask me, she’s one of the better government councillors. Corona has mastered them very well. »
René: «But now she should have been honest from the start. A big mistake.”
Fridel: “You quickly say something, you don’t have to make a big deal out of it now.”

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