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Six apples for 448 francs

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Urs A. (60) has trouble with the SubitoGo app

Six apples for 448 francs

As usual, Blick reader Urs A. used the SubitoGo function to shop at Migros. When he checks the receipt, he gets a shock: he was charged 448 francs for his apples!

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Updated: 4:04 p.m


The six Gala apples were priced at CHF 5.05.

“Shopping at Migros is now even easier,” promises the retailer on her website. Using the SubitoGo function on the Migros app, customers can now scan their goods with their smartphone and place them directly in their shopping bags. You can pay “quickly and easily” in the app.

But the payment process in the Rigiplatz branch in Zurich didn’t work that “quickly and easily” for Blick reader Urs A.* (60) on Wednesday: “I bought nine items,” he says to Blick. One of the items was six apples at 5.05 francs. “I scanned them normally and put them in the shopping bag.” After paying, he checked the receipt and could hardly believe his eyes: “I was charged CHF 448.28 for the apples!” The receipt shows the error: the apples are said to cost 6.30 francs – and have been scanned 71,156 times (see screenshot). The computer scientist is shocked. “I’m really used to a lot and I know that systems sometimes do things that they shouldn’t do,” he says. However, he had never experienced anything like this before.

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