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Sliding slope already moving in 2021!

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Mess in Rothrist AG even bigger

Sliding slope already moving in 2021!

The cantonal road in Rothrist AG, where there was a landslide a week ago, remains closed: the forest continues to move. Nobody knows if more will happen. Pictures now show that there was an incident there in 2021 that the canton was not aware of.

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This image is dated August 4, 2021: Clear cracks can be seen on the slope below the property.


Ralph Donghireporter news

These are impressive images that Blick has. You can see: The slope between a new building and a cantonal road in Rothrist AG, which started to slide on January 10th and buried the road, was already in motion in 2021. And how! The photos show that there was demolition at the house, including deep cracks in the ground and fallen trees. In addition, specialists were on site.

Hans Rudolf Sägesser (57, FDP), the responsible municipal councilor, who previously only spoke of a landslide at the end of May 2022 and the recent slide, confirms the incident: “Covering measures had already been taken in 2021.”

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