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Spectacular accident claims three injuries

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Car rolls over several times in Wichtrach BE

Spectacular accident claims three injuries

A serious accident occurred in Wichtrach BE early Sunday morning: A car ran into the oncoming lane and rolled over several times – all three occupants were injured. According to a Blick reader reporter, it is a popular route to step on the gas.


All three vehicle occupants were injured in a spectacular self-accident in Wichtrach BE on Sunday night.

Spectacular self-accident in Wichtrach in the Bernese Mittelland on Christmas Eve: According to the Bern canton police, a car got into the oncoming lane, collided with two delineators and a candelabra, rolled over several times and then fell down an embankment. All three occupants of the vehicle were injured in the crash.

The driver sustained serious injuries. His two passengers were first looked after by third parties and then given medical first aid by three ambulance teams on site and taken to the hospital. The report of the self-accident was received by the police at 2 a.m., according to the cantonal police. It is still unclear why the car ended up in the oncoming lane.

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