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Spotted leader of the Calanda pack

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She gave birth to 46 cubs

Spotted leader of the Calanda pack

The former leader of the Calanda pack is still alive. The female F07 fell into a photo trap. At the side of the twelve-year-old she-wolf was a male wolf.

F07, the founder of the Calanda pack (front) was spotted in Tamins GR on Thursday morning. The wolf has been living in the canton of Graubünden since 2011.

“The female wolf F07, which appeared in the canton of Graubünden for the first time in 2011, has now been detected alive again on the Calanda with a photo trap,” said Kora, the Foundation for Predator Ecology and Wildlife Management, on Friday.

The mother of the Calanda pack gave birth to 46 young during her time in the canton. It can be assumed that the she-wolf is now at least 12 years old. This is surprising, since experts assume that wolves in the wild do not normally live longer than 10 years, says Kora.

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