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Stinkefinger costs Winterthurerin over 1000 francs

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Reported by co-worker

Stinkefinger costs Winterthurerin over 1000 francs

Because she was annoyed by her colleague, a woman in Winterthur gave the finger. The scene was captured by surveillance cameras and the woman was convicted.


A woman gave her work colleague the finger. (icon picture)

An unmistakable gesture: the finger. Once in a rage, it can be quickly held out to the other person and demonstrate how angry you are at the moment. This is exactly what a petrol station employee (60) from Winterthur ZH did in February 2020 and has now been sentenced by penal order. This is reported by “Züri Today”.

The woman was annoyed by her colleague that day. There were many customers in the shop and each of them operated a cash register. But although there were still many customers in the store, her colleague left, whereupon she asked him to continue collecting.

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