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Stricker admits to having forged the Corona certificate

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«…I lied»

For example, Stricker forged his Corona certificate for a trip to the USA

Youtuber Daniel Stricker is probably the best-known Swiss opponent of corona measures. Now he explained how he allegedly made it to the US unvaccinated during the pandemic.

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Reported from the USA in December 2021: Youtuber Daniel Stricker.

The well-known Swiss opponent of corona measures and YouTuber Daniel Stricker explained at a reading for his book “The Book of Shame” last Saturday in Bern-Bümpliz that he had used a fake corona certificate on the trip to the USA in December 2021. This is reported by the NZZ.

“I decided to tell you how I came to America,” said Stricker. “I don’t feel like I’ve done anything illegal.” He knew from a “Blick” report that Swiss did not have time to scan the Covid certificates. “So I took someone’s certificate, wrote my name at the top and printed that out. Then I went to the airport.” In fact, the certificate was not scanned during the airport control. “On board you then had to fill out that you were vaccinated. I lied there, »said Stricker.

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