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“Supervisor must be banned from working”

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Leo (11) from Laufenburg AG was almost dead. In September 2020, the then nine-year-old fell six meters from the first floor. His mother Marta K.* (33) remembers how she saw her son after the accident in the Basel children’s hospital. “Leo was in the trauma room and covered in blood,” she says to Blick. “He was dying at that moment. Then we went to the operating room. They operated on my Leo there for over six hours.”

20 months have passed since the incident. Now comes the process. The accident happened during lunch at the primary school. A supervisor was responsible for Leo and the other children. The case was dealt with with a penalty order. Adrian Schuler from the Aargau public prosecutor’s office explains: “An appeal was taken against the criminal order of the Rheinfelden-Laufenburg public prosecutor’s office, which is why the case is now being heard before the district court.”

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