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Swiss circumnavigator (80) lost in Tasmania

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No sign of life for weeks

Swiss circumnavigator (80) lost in Tasmania

Around two months ago, a circumnavigator from Zurich left the port of Hobart, the capital of the Australian island state of Tasmania. Since then, Peter B. has disappeared. The police are seriously worried about the Swiss.

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A Swiss globetrotter has disappeared in the Tasman Sea.

The last sign of life from Peter B.* (80) is dated December 1, 2022. On this day he left the port of Hobart. Hobart is the capital of the Australian island of Tasmania. The destination of the Swiss: New Zealand.

B., who comes from the canton of Zurich, was an experienced sailor. Twice he sailed solo around the world. So far there is no trace of him. On December 5, the transponder of the yacht’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) failed. At the time, the boat was in the Tasman Sea, about 140 kilometers off the east coast of Tasmania. The weather at sea was bad, according to the Tasmania police.

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