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Swiss mistakes led to the war in Ukraine

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Successful Russian author lives in the Confederation – and criticizes it sharply

Swiss mistakes led to the war in Ukraine

The Russian author Mikhail Shishkin, who lives in Switzerland, indirectly blamed Switzerland for the war in Ukraine. According to him, Switzerland’s mistakes go back to the 1990s. In his opinion, World War III started in 2014.


Mikhail Shishkin, the Russian star author, sharply criticizes his adopted country of Switzerland.

Mikhail Schischkin (61) lives in Switzerland, in Russia he is a successful author. The Kremlin blacklists him. In February he spoke to Blick about the invasion of Ukraine and was shocked. Now he’s sharply criticizing Switzerland – and indirectly blaming it for the war.

At the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, the Swiss “built their Hüsli there, and as a result we had the annexation of Crimea,” Schischkin said in an interview with Tamedia newspapers on Tuesday. The award-winning author has lived in Switzerland since 1994.

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