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Swissmedic closes Neuchâtel PCR test laboratory

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«Danger to health»

Swissmedic closes Neuchâtel PCR test laboratory

Last September, Swissmedic ordered the closure of a laboratory in the canton of Neuchâtel due to serious abuses. Etilab, based in Boudry NE, was issuing up to 1000 PCR tests a day at the height of the Corona pandemic – at the expense of quality.

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The laboratory in Neuchâtel carried out up to 1000 PCR tests per day at the height of the Covid pandemic. (icon picture)

“Such a quantity of non-conformity, and above all such a quantity that has to be classified as critical, is really rare,” said Georges Meseguer, head of the Certificates and Authorization section at the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Swissmedic, on Monday evening on the 7:30 p.m. program on RTS television in western Switzerland. The head of the company challenged the order point by point, but the abuses were classified as so serious that the authorities refused the suspensive effect.

Swissmedic’s decision to withdraw the operating license for all activities in the field of human communicable diseases thus became legally binding as early as September. The drug agency’s report stated that if the laboratory were to continue, “there would be a concrete risk to health”. In total, the laboratory was accused of 32 shortcomings, both in terms of scientific quality, hygiene and the IT system.

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