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Tears of joy for the new Federal Councilor

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Bailot Rottet (44) in the Hotel du Beuf in Delsberg, about an hour before the Federal Council party really gets going. “I was so happy in Bern, we all won the election,” says the clerk.

Beat Michel and Amit Juillard

When at 10.24 a.m. Elisabeth Baume-Schneider from the Jurassic Federal Council was appointed, screams of joy echoed through the streets of Delsberg. It sounds as if the soccer team had scored a goal. The canton capital is over the moon. Things really get going in the traditional local Hotel du Boeuf. Right in the middle: the former President of the Constitutional and Cantonal Court, Jean Moritz. With tears in his eyes, he says to Blick: “It’s the fourth time I’ve been crying in my life. Once when the canton’s independence was first proclaimed, then twice when Moutier voted to secede from Bern. And now for the Federal Councilor.”

For the Jura, the election is an event of the century. “We have been waiting for 50 years to be represented in the Federal Council. Not just since 1979, when we became independent,” says Michel Cuenat (74). Retired farmer rejoices as if he won the lottery. He orders a round of red wine for the regulars’ table. Cuenat has been fighting for law for as long as he can remember. “It’s in our blood,” he says with tears in his eyes.

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