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That’s why drug clans have an easy time in Switzerland

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Journalist Klaus Davi, an expert on organized crime, has specialized in the mafia. And says: The Swiss judiciary has a problem getting the highly professional criminals under control.


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From Monday, a suspected boss of the Colombian drug cartel Clan del Golfo will be on trial in Basel. The Spanish-Colombian dual citizen Alvaro H.* (47) is said to have led the Basel branch of the notorious cartel – and according to the indictment brought cocaine worth millions into Switzerland.

The process is a rarity. In the past, our judiciary had a hard time dealing with cases of organized crime, explains journalist Klaus Davi (56). The Swiss has been dealing with international criminal groups for years and has specialized in the mafia. “Switzerland is not up to par when it comes to fighting international crime,” says Davi to Blick.

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