Thursday, December 1, 2022

That’s why Ukraine refugees are queuing

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During the pandemic, people endured hours of wind and weather to receive free food. The economy is now booming again, but the queues in front of the grocery store haven’t got any shorter. On the contrary: the number of people queuing for a few kilos of rice, pasta and fresh vegetables has multiplied since March. The reason for this is the war in Ukraine.

The Schweizer Tafel has been delivering 20 percent more food since the arrival of the Ukraine refugees, according to manager Marc Ingold (56). The organization collects surplus products from retailers and distributes them to social institutions. The Zurich relief organization Essen for All is distributing three times more food. In February, 600 families and individuals were given free packages, says spokeswoman Dina Hungerbühler (30). A week ago there were 1,800. “A large proportion of them are refugees from Ukraine,” notes Hungerbühler.

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