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The beautiful and the wild

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Rustic New Year’s Eve in Urnäsch

The beautiful and the wild

In Appenzell, they rebelled against the church authorities and are still bearing the fruits of it today: the Urnäsch New Year’s Eve hermitage is held twice a year.


Highly conspicuous figures are recognizable in the landscape.

Every year, the Schuppel meet with their ornate hats, striking wooden masks and bell-studded costumes. In Urnäsch AR there are still around 30 of these men’s and boys’ groups – and even if they like to wear women’s masks: “Chlausen” is and will remain a men’s business.

The move from house to house begins early in the morning, many of which are inhabited by former New Year’s Eve claus: the Schuppel sing their songs to the residents, reflect on the past year together and loudly wish them a Happy New Year.

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