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The couple suddenly had to throw up

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House in Bünzen AG evacuated

The couple suddenly had to vomit

An apartment building in Bünz AG had to be evacuated on Tuesday. A couple lit a wood stove in their apartment the night before. Toxic gases were released.


A couple from Bünz AG suddenly felt sick and dizzy, and the dog was not doing well either. They called the ambulance. (icon picture)

On Tuesday, a couple from Bünzen AG and their dog suddenly felt bad, as the Aargau cantonal police wrote in a media release. They vomited and felt dizzy. Neither of them knew what could be behind it. The dog was also bad. So they called 911. An ambulance, the police and the fire brigade responded.

The couple was examined and emergency services found carbon monoxide poisoning. So she was taken to the hospital. The dog was taken to a vet.

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