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The Swiss love chemsex parties

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Problems with drugs and contraception

The Swiss love chemsex parties

Sex parties involving illegal drugs like coke and crystal meth are becoming increasingly popular. In Switzerland, these are organized in private rooms – the number is increasing. Experts are worried: there is a risk of addiction or the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.


Chemsex parties are enjoying increasing popularity in Switzerland. The party guests consume coke, crystal meth or other drugs – and sleep together.

Intoxicated: Participants in so-called chem sex parties interact with each other on crystal meth, amphetamines, GHB, ketamine or coke. The illegal substances are thrown in to increase desire, reduce shame or engage in practices that would be painful without drugs. Such parties are becoming increasingly popular, especially among homosexual men.

As “20 minutes” reports, an increase in such drug sex parties has been observed in recent years. Experts can’t explain why – dating apps and social media may be to blame because it makes it easier to organize meetings.

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