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The Swiss snort 5 tons of cocaine every year

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«The degree of purity has increased»

The Swiss snort 5 tons of cocaine every year

The facts and figures on the international drug trade and Swiss consumption show that, in comparison to other European countries, a lot of coke is consumed in this country. 20 percent of consumers consume around 80 percent of the imported drug.


A lot of cocaine is consumed in Switzerland. Especially in St. Gallen, Zurich, Basel and Geneva. This is shown by wastewater studies.


Celine Trachselreporter

When it comes to coke, the Swiss are way ahead. Four Swiss cities are in the top ten European cities with the highest consumption per capita in 2021: St. Gallen is third, Zurich fourth, Basel sixth and Geneva ninth most coked.

“The waste water values ​​are relatively high – but stable,” says Frank Zobel, co-head of the research department of Addiction Switzerland, to Blick. But that doesn’t mean the scene hasn’t changed. On the contrary. “The degree of purity has increased in the last six to seven years. In many European countries it is now around 70 to 80 percent,” explains Zobel. Fewer and fewer dealers are cutting cocaine by various means, which means they have enough coke on hand.

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