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These are the stubborn crossheads in Switzerland

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Niklaus Iten put up street signs in Therwil BL himself because the load from trucks drove him mad. It’s just stupid: Putting up street signs yourself is illegal.


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The city council and resident David A.* (61) have been fighting for years because of a section of road on the slope above the town of Maienfeld GR. The conflict has now culminated in a roadblock that A. implemented without the city’s permission. It is not the first dispute over the right of way in Switzerland. Other curiosities have also caused disputes. A look back at the worst disputes between neighbors in recent years.

“I want a driving ban in front of my house”

David A. wants his peace: “I want a driving ban in front of my house”(02:25)

Senior sets up his own street signs

In December last year, Blick reported on Schilder pensioner Niklaus Iten (79). The trucks on his private road were such a thorn in the side of the garage owner from Therwil BL that he put up street signs himself. Just stupid: His action was illegal. He did not want to accept the penalty order and a fine of 1,000 francs. The case is now being heard by the criminal court in Baselland.

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