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These Swiss are on the US no-fly list

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1.5 million names hacked

These Swiss are on the hacked US no-fly list

Maia Arson Crimew from Lucerne has gained access to the US no-fly list. Now it’s clear: the Swiss are also on the list of suspected terrorists.


Maia Arson Crimew from Lucerne hacked the FBI’s no-fly list.

The Lucerne hacker Maia Arson Crimew* (23) made headlines worldwide when she hacked the American FBI no-fly list with 1.5 million terrorist suspects last week. Now it is clear: there are also some Swiss on the list, as reported by the magazine “Republik”.

For example, the list includes the name of Bruno Breguet (1950–1995), who has been missing since 1995 and is presumed dead. Breguet was associated with Venezuelan terrorist Carlos, who carried out attacks in Europe in the 1970s and 1980s. Also on the list are the names of members of the right-wing extremist South Tyrolean freedom movement, as well as Felix Habsburg-Lothringen (1916-2011), the son of Emperor Karl I of Austria, who died twelve years ago.

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