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This federal councilor had 10 children

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SP government councilor Evi Allemann is a candidate for the Federal Council.


Danny SmurfEditor Sunday view

For men, children have never been a hurdle on the way to the Federal Council – no matter how large the group of children. The Catholic-conservative magistrate Philipp Etter (1891-1977) ruled from 1934 to 1959, his nickname was “L’Éternel”, the Eternal. He had ten children who were cared for by his wife Maria.

Etter helped shape the idea of ​​spiritual national defense, the core of which was family unity. “Children are the state’s greatest treasure,” he declared during the Second World War. That’s why he’s campaigning for “serious and well-developed marriage counseling”. Etter was convinced: “A mother is always a strong woman!” He said of his wife that she was “the real government.”

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