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This friendship caught my eye

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When he gave his buddy the pass, he hit him brutally

Urs B. (41) almost went blind after being hit with a fist

When Urs B. dumps his buddy, he hits him. The fist lands fully in the pupil – the federal employee almost goes blind. The perpetrator agrees to a settlement, but does not pay.

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Here Urs B. hit the fist in the eye. It is only thanks to an emergency operation that the federal employee can still see in his right eye.



At first glance, the injury in the eye is not noticeable. Only on closer inspection does a small groove appear behind the cornea, as if the eye had been badly compressed. “I will probably never be able to see normally again. Maybe I’ll go completely blind, »says Urs B.* (41) from Bern. A fist punch severely degraded the federal employee’s vision.

Files are piling up in Urs B.’s apartment. The commercial clerk has only one thing on his mind: “Salvatore must receive just punishment for the attack. He hurt me badly, he should pay for it.”

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