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This is how you recognize hidden mold in the apartment

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Expert Franc Zaccaria gives tips

This is how you recognize hidden mold in the apartment

The mold infestation in Flawil SG is by no means the only one in Switzerland. An expert explains how to identify mold early and what to do about it.


Mold expert Franc Zaccaria.


Sandro Zulianreporter news

Hardly moved in, the mold was rampant in the apartment of Oksana Schmidt (39) from Flawil SG. She is not an isolated case. “Mould is a very big problem in Switzerland,” says Franc Zaccaria. According to statistics, about every fifth house is more or less affected. The managing director of the painter Langhart GmbH in Zurich has specialized in mold infestation. He explains to Blick what to look out for in the event of an infestation – and how to identify mold early on.

“You should check the back of the furniture, especially in winter and on furniture that’s placed on outside walls,” he says. Tip from the professional: You can measure the humidity by buying a hygrometer. Ideally, the humidity in winter should average 50 percent.

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