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This post in Zurich causes a stir in the network

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What’s behind it?

This post in Zurich causes a stir in the network

A small post in Zurich causes a stir in the network. It is puzzled what the thing is all about. There is talk of a secret entrance. The city of Zurich explains what is really behind it.


The net was puzzling about this post in Zurich. Some even suspect a secret entrance.

It is blue, white and glows yellow at night. In the middle of Zurich there is a small post, directly on a street, near the main station. And the Internet is puzzling over what it’s all about. A user posted a photo of the part on the Reddit online forum and wrote the following text. «I was visiting Zurich and passed this part near the HB. What is this exactly?”

And the guesswork began. “It is an energy source that helps power the energy shield and rocket boosters beneath Altstetten to lift it up and protect it in times of great danger,” reads one comment. Someone else thinks it might be an alien warship.

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