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Those responsible are accused of negligent homicide

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The trial of the mason’s apprentice Yves (†15) who died in an accident – ​​the family is still angry at those responsible today

“The insight that they did something wrong is completely missing”

After many interrogations and even more breaks, the trial surrounding the fatal accident of Yves Radakovits († 15) finally takes place. A crane operator, a construction machine operator and an unskilled worker are standing in front of the Dietikon district court.


The two brothers Mike (left) and Lenn and father Christian Radakovits will be present at the trial in Dietikon. Almost three years have passed since the accident.

It has now taken almost three years for the trial surrounding the fatal construction site accident in Dietikon ZH to appear in court. The youngest man on the construction site was killed by several concrete slabs at the time, it was the bricklayer’s apprentice Yves Radakovits (†15) from Geroldswil ZH. Yves had only been an apprentice for three months. Since then, nothing has been the same for the family. “We are tired and disappointed,” says Yves father Christian Radakovits (52). “But we will be part of the process.”

For the family, a lot was unclear in the almost three years surrounding the investigation, and the grief was also accompanied by anger at those responsible for the two companies involved and the three accused. Christian Radakovits says: “We were present at all interrogations. I can’t understand these people. There are also family fathers among them, but they still have no sympathy. The insight that they did something wrong is completely missing.”

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