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Thurgau is the world champion in ballooning

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Victory in Slovenia

Thurgau becomes world champion in ballooning

the one in st. Gallic Andwil, who lives in Thurgau, Stefan Zeberli, became world champion in hot-air ballooning in Slovenia. The seven-time Swiss and five-time European champion prevailed against around a hundred competitors.

World Champion Stefan Zeberli’s balloon at the 2019 Swiss Hot Air Balloon Championship in Willisau LU. (archive image)

The Swiss Balloon Association announced the success on Friday. In the area around Murska Sobota, the participants had to complete a total of 32 tasks during several trips. For example, the competitors had to show how well they could control the balloon over a certain area.

It’s not about best times, distances or heights, but about the ability to direct the balloon as well as possible in different weather conditions, according to the website of the World Cup organizers. Tactics and strategy are key. Five other Swiss pilots were at the start.

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