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Turk (34) crashes at 259 km/h in the Gubrist tunnel

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“For fear of his wife”

Turk (34) crashes at 259 km/h in the Gubrist tunnel

In December 2021, a Turk thundered down the Swiss autobahn in a high-horsepower Mercedes. In the end, the drunk racer had an accident. For this he was sentenced. He explained the background to the court.


The end of the speeding drive on December 5th: A Turk crashed into a Ford Fiesta with a Mercedes.

He was going at breakneck speed. Early on December 5, 2021, a Turk (34) accelerated in a Mercedes C63 AMG (482 hp). He thundered drunk and stoned on the A1. The mad dash ended in an accident. As the man drove through the Gubrist tunnel at 259 km/h, he slammed into the rear of a Ford Fiesta with three women on board.

“The vehicle responsible was then catapulted against the tunnel wall four more times and then came to a standstill, badly damaged,” said Marc Besson from the Zurich cantonal police at Blick. The three women in the Ford Fiesta were injured, one seriously. The Mercedes driver was also injured.

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