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Two small children must live in this mold

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For a brief moment, Oksana Schmidt poses with her daughter Ariana next to the uninvited guest.


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Oksana Schmidt (39) is desperate. Since the mother of two moved into a four-room apartment in Flawil SG at the beginning of November this year, she has had problems everywhere. Literally, because mold has been growing in three of her four rooms since moving in. The air smells stale and foul. The black carpet eats through the walls – she can probably throw away the sofa and the wardrobe.

According to Schmidt, it all started on November 2, just one day after moving in. She immediately reported the problem and tried to fix it herself, even though she had just given birth. The mold expert who was called in then took on the problem, but also mentioned that the house was “wrongly built” and the problem could return. You just have to ventilate properly, they said to the puzzled mother. She has been doing this three times a day since the start of the lease. For Schmidt it is clear: “They just painted over it.” Vain.

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