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Vaud is testing Tempo 60 out of town

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Canton of Vaud tests Tempo 60 outside of town against road noise

Vaud is the first canton in Switzerland to lower the speed on three sections of cantonal road outside of built-up areas from 80 to 60 km/h. The authorities want to test whether this measure is suitable for combating road noise.

Against road noise: The canton of Vaud is testing Tempo 60 on three cantonal roads. Buses should not be distributed, the vehicle drivers should be sensitized. (archive image)

The authorities have selected three road sections in the municipalities of Aigle, Assens and St-Cergue. A total of 3.5 km of roads along which 2,000 people are affected by road noise. The tests are conducted from May to October.

With this pilot phase, Vaud wants to demonstrate that speed reduction is the most practical, efficient and cost-effective measure to combat road noise, said State Councilor Nuria Gorrite (SP), responsible for infrastructure, on Thursday to the media in Lausanne.

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