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Verzasca Valley fights against the expulsion of little Sara

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Anna B. and her daughter Sara B. have finally settled in the Verzasca Valley. The child goes to school in Brione TI, the mother is diligently learning Italian and already has many friends. But her application for asylum is rejected shortly before Christmas. You should leave Switzerland.


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December 22nd is an important day for the children of the Verzasca Valley. The traditional nativity play was prepared for weeks, the costumes were sewn and the scenery was tinkered with. Sara B.* (8) can also take part. The little Afghan appears as an angel. Her eyes shine like the glittering Christmas decorations in the church.

“She is such a bright child, learns Italian quickly and does well in class,” says her teacher Bianca Soldieri (34) to Blick. «Sara’s mother also takes part in our everyday life, offers to help, walks the dog of a pensioner or does needlework. She’s happy when she can give something back,” says cousin Veronika soldati. Social worker Valentina Matasci (38) is impressed by Anna B.* (32), Sara’s mother: “She really wants to learn our language. She wants to integrate quickly and already has many friends».

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