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Wakker Prize 2023 goes to Lichtensteig SG

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Because of innovative revitalization

Wakker Prize 2023 goes to Lichtensteig SG

Lichtensteig SG receives this year’s Wakker Prize of the Swiss Homeland Security. This honors the courage of this municipality to innovatively revitalize the old town and the industrial buildings.


The renovated Toggenburg Museum in Lichtensteig, to the right of it the town hall for culture with a tower.

With the innovative revitalization of these rooms, the small town in Toggenburg has found a new self-confidence, wrote the Swiss Homeland Security in a statement on Tuesday.

For centuries, Lichtensteig was the prosperous urban center in rural Toggenburg, where regional trade was transacted and production was carried out for the national and international market. But after Lichtensteig’s heyday, an old town and industrial buildings with large vacancies were left behind, because the local economy began to stumble from the 1970s.

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