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Warm winter saves Ticino entrepreneurs from bankruptcy

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Fernando Brunner (73) can breathe easy

Warm winter saves Ticino entrepreneurs from bankruptcy

The free market has become a cost trap for many small and medium-sized companies. The entrepreneur Fernando Brunner (73), for example, was threatened with bankruptcy. Now he can breathe easy.


Fernando Brunner (73), hotel owner and restaurateur from Locarno TI, is hoping for falling electricity prices.


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The horror of autumn is still in Fernando Brunner (73) bones. The contract with his electricity provider expired at the end of the year. The Società Elettrica Sopracenerina sent a cost estimate for the new annual contract. And he had it all. If the hotelier still paid 200,000 francs in electricity bills in 2022, he should shell out 900,000 francs for 2023!

“We can’t do that,” said Fernando Brunner to Blick at the time. The Ticino owns four hotels and two restaurants in Locarno TI and Lugano TI. Brunner did not sign the new contract, waited for the price development – ​​and played with fire. After all, prices could have continued to rise.

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