Monday, March 20, 2023

What about the future of the Müller health food stores?

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What is the real status of the Müller health food stores?


Ulrich Rotzingereconomic chief

The Müller health food stores are well frequented these days. Natural cosmetics, Biotta juices, teas and plant-based Swiss cheese classics as well as vegan options for fondues are popular with customers.

But behind the scenes there is rumbling. Business at Müller Reformhaus Vital Shop AG, headquartered in Volketswil in Zurich, is apparently not going as well as it seems. Unrest has been spreading among the chain’s employees for weeks, according to the industry. Your employer will soon be downsizing. There is even talk of branch closures. Some even rumor that all 37 branches throughout Switzerland would soon close their shops. Others speak of individual locations in the traditional chain.

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