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“What are these idiots?”

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When Denise Cattin (44) was waiting for an Uber taxi, a pumpkin suddenly flew past her head.

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Carla DeVizziEditor News

Whether as a soup, as a Halloween decoration or as a side dish – pumpkins can be used in many ways. However, the fact that they are also used as projectiles is rather unusual. This is exactly the case in the Baden AG region.

After the news portal “Argovia Today” had already reported on a cyclist (27) who was thrown with a pumpkin from a moving car in Wettingen, the cases are increasing. In the Facebook group “You are from Nussbaumen if”, more and more people are reporting. One of them is Denise Cattin (44) from Untersiggenthal AG. She too was the victim of a pumpkin attack: “It was a huge shock,” she says to Blick.

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