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Winterthur’s Stapo should change management culture

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After police suicides

Winterthur’s Stapo should change management culture

The Winterthur city council wants to initiate a cultural change in the city police. A report commissioned by the city after two police officer suicides found flaws in the city police’s leadership culture.


Within six months, two employees of the Winterthur city police had taken their own lives. The first suicide was in summer 2021, the second in winter 2022.

Within half a year, two suicides shook the Winterthur city police. After a police officer took his own life in July 2021, a second police officer committed suicide in February 2022 shortly before taking up duty. As an investigation report commissioned by the city shows, serious deficiencies have been identified in the leadership of the Winterthur city police.

The Winterthur city council therefore wants to initiate a change in the management culture of the city police. “The cultural change in the city police is of central importance. The first steps have already been taken,” said the responsible city councilor Katrin Cometta (GLP) on Friday when the test results were presented.

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