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«Witnesses can lie, circumstantial evidence cannot»

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Professional boxer Viviane Obenauf Tagliavini criticizes the circumstantial process – lawyer Valentin Landmann counters it

«Witnesses can lie, circumstantial evidence cannot»

Professional boxer Viviane Obenauf Tagliavini has been convicted of murder. She is said to have killed her husband. She now wants to move on with the verdict. The chances of a lighter sentence are intact in a circumstantial process, says lawyer Valentin Landmann.

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Convicted of murder: professional boxer Viviane Obenauf Tagliavini is said to have murdered her husband with a baseball bat.


Fabian BabicEditor News

After the hearing, the matter was clear for the Oberland regional court in Thun BE: Viviane Obenauf Tagliavini (36) murdered her husband Thomas F.* († 61). The professional boxer from Interlaken BE has been sentenced to 16 years in prison. She also received a 12-year expulsion from the country.

During the December hearing, the court president said the trial was circumstantial. Nobody saw how cult host Thomas F. was killed. “It is clear in a circumstantial process that not all the evidence is available that proves an act with absolute certainty. There is much more of a mosaic picture, as the public prosecutor’s office had also carried out, »said the judge.

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