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Young people acquitted after a big fire in Egnach TG

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Because it’s not clear who lit the candle

Young people acquitted after a big fire in Egnach TG

Huge inferno: The fire burned brightly at Tobi Seeobst AG in Egnach TG. Three youths had acted negligently and left a candle on. Because of the weak evidence, the Thurgau Supreme Court had to acquit her.


The fruit hall of “Tobi Seeobst AG” went up in flames in 2018.

The major night-time fire on the Tobi Seeobst AG premises in Egnach on March 16, 2018 caused damage running into millions. Warehouses and over 1000 tons of apples and vegetables were completely destroyed. 150 firefighters were deployed to put out the fire.

After extensive investigations, the youth prosecutor’s office opened a criminal investigation against four young people from the Egnach area. They are said to have caused the fire by improper handling of fire.

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