Friday, December 2, 2022

“ZH 100” breaks the Swiss record even before the end of the auction

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Already at over 380,000 francs

“ZH 100” breaks record price even before the end of the auction

The lowest license plate in the canton of Zurich is a tall order: as far as the selling price is concerned, the “ZH 100” already eclipses all records. The auction is still in progress.


Mario Fehr, Head of the Security Department of the Canton of Zurich, presents the object of desire.

The road traffic office of the canton of Zurich is auctioning “ZH 100” – the license plate with the lowest number in the canton to date. The auction still lasts four days. But one thing is already clear: the sales price will break all records.

By Friday evening, the highest bid had risen to over 380,000 francs. For the price you could easily afford several luxury sleds. For comparison: A new Porsche 911 Carrera is available in Switzerland from 137,100 francs.

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